Feedback, across Reality and Randomness

This is about one of the wackiest dreams that I have had till date. I have always wondered what causes dreams and which aspects of our life and consciousness affect the contents of the resulting dreams. More often than not it happens that I remember my dreams, especially in terms of the visual details that form both the backdrop and foreground of the dreams. And even while I say this, I have no idea whatsoever what caused me to Dream thus, or caused this Dream to choose my semi-conscious state to wreak havoc with.

Jumping straight into it, as I did as soon as I fell asleep, the dream consisted of two subsequent nested dreams. I mean, considering the apparent reality we live in as Conscious Wakefulness and the Dream as the subsequent virtual reality, there also existed a further stage of virtual reality, the Devil Dream. I (my semi – consciousness) was dreaming (while it was asleep) in the Dream and I (my semi – consciousness) was indeed aware of it. I will build up the link of events and implications through happenings in the deeper stages of the dreaming process and their resulting consequences on the corresponding states of wakefulness.

The Devil Dream: I had mysteriously turned up at a vast and wild shooting range in the middle of almost nowhere. Tall and green grass populated the land, bound by a fence with barbed wire. Highly encouraging sunshine, an extremely ambient temperature and strong winds characterised the climate. I was equipped with a fancy sniper rifle which boasted of unmatched accuracy over greatly large distances (which was constantly urging me to push it past its limits).

Virtual time passed and there was no more game remaining. Simultaneously I spotted a random Guy in the distance who I did not recognize, most probably beyond the boundaries marked by the fence. He was wearing a hat. I was idle for too long. I thought to myself about challenging the abilities of my sniper rifle by targeting the Guy. His image slowly floated about in the vicinity of the crosshair. The sniper then took up an identity of its own and stung him to an instantaneous death. I had shot the Guy dead with my sniper rifle, in the Devil Dream.

Making a reference to what is mentioned above, I (my semi – consciousness) was aware of the fact that I was dreaming the Devil Dream. This meant that whatever happened in it would remain within the scope of the Devil Dream. Knowing this and the safety it implied, I had decided to pull the trigger. I unloaded myself and returned the sniper at the office building in the range and headed back home. Having enjoyed this dream I (my semi – consciousness) awoke the next morning. The Devil Dream ended.

The Dream: To my absolute surprise I awoke to an extremely absurd and thoroughly alarming piece of news. The Guy (who was wearing the hat) had been found dead outside a nearby farm. It was just another routine killing for the layman but it caused every hair on my body to stand straight up. I was completely terrified. In the days to come, the Police were on the lookout for suspects.

The next thing I found my dad and I walking down a large, glorified corridor, part of a club we were members at, only to be stopped by a group of Policemen who had been walking straight at us. They took me in on the grounds of having found my fingerprints on the walls of a wee building in the farm. Before I knew it, I had become a suspect in a murder case.

I was sure I had nothing to do with it, but recalling his images from my dream (the Devil Dream), I could not let out a natural and spontaneous rebellion in the moment. This helped the police in their task further. In the time to come I attempted the impossible task of trying to convince the Police, my friends, my family and even random people around with my recital of the devil of a dream (hence I called it the Devil Dream) that I had had. Absolutely as I expected, it was taken as bullshit and I, a madman of a murderer. There still was one torch to light the way forward in the form of the great understanding, belief and faith that my dad had in me. We tried, we tried and we tried some more to convince someone and anyone. But all was in vain. We spent the next large periods of time escaping the Police, hiding at the remotest of places, taking disguise in the smartest of ways, favouring those who favoured us and doing everything else one can possibly think of, in order to get away. I also thought of leaving the country for somewhere on the other side of the planet, but was stopped by the fact that the border agencies would have records and I would be easy prey for the officials there. Basically there was no way out. I was going to be punished in reality (the Dream) for something that I had done in my dream (the Devil Dream).

Was it just a freak of nature that the person I shot dead in my dream had actually died in reality, the same night? Or was I just unlucky that I had been framed by my own semi – consciousness? All in all, writing off all the other arguments and possibilities, I still wonder how my finger prints got there.

The Dream ended and I was back to Conscious Wakefulness. I was freed of one of my worst nightmares. I spoke out my mind to a close companion and ended up writing this later that night.

Dhruv Chokshi, June 30th 2011.

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  1. Nirali says:

    A great piece !

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